Dear fellow holistic practitioner,

Hi! My name is Megan Van Zyl PhD Hon, MA, NTP, owner and CEO of Cancer Peace University! It is wonderful to hear from you about Cancer Peace University. This program was designed for all holistic practitioners, doctors and nutritional therapists who have a fear of working with cancer patients or who are passionate about helping their clients to prevent cancer and remove the fear surrounding cancer.

I still remember the day that my friend, Terri, told me that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her family and friends were all devastated. I became committed to stand by her side throughout treatments and the emotional and physical ups and downs. I was with her through it all. In the end, Terri died of liver failure and it was traumatic to me and especially her children. After grieving the loss of my friend, I committed in my heart to help people diagnosed with cancer in my practice. I began to work with people diagnosed with cancer one by one. It wasn't enough. So I began a training program to equip other practitioners with the tools and educational resources to walk someone through the question: What is cancer? & How can I best support my body?